Episode 207 – Super Murder Makers

This blaming video games for real life violence is the same trick you pull with something jangly or shiny to distract a child or pet from the thing you don’t want them to see. No one should take the bait; instead, call the politicians on their bullshit and corruption! And if that doesn’t work, we buy them ourselves.

I think we talked about games going exclusive to the Epic store but what a snoozefest that whole debate is. Get over it, losers. You don’t know how good you have it. Why, there used to not even be digital distribution. Have you ever heard of GameStop? Of course you fucking haven’t, that place went out of business decades ago, but at one point we had to actually go and interact with idiot employees to get our games. Trust me, you wouldn’t have liked it.

Did we even talk about games? I don’t fucking know, it’s been over a week since we recorded this and I had to edit out half the discussion because my mic was being a piece of shit.


Episode 207 – Super Murder Makers

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4 thoughts on “Episode 207 – Super Murder Makers”

  1. Thanks for the Ep!

    Young men and what to do with them is an interesting discussion, I’ve heard that before. But yeah not sure what you do with them besides sign them up for the army or something. Send them all to do JET for a summer!

    Re: Epic store, I mean it is kinda shit. You don’t realize how much you miss some simple thing until you don’t have it, like what the fuck, they didn’t launch with a cart option? Also I’m pretty much at my limit at managing all these fucking launchers, it’s great that the competitors like Epic give away games every couple of weeks, twitch does it monthly, but shit is impossible to keep track of what I own already.

    Re: Esteban, ” I love working with my hands, especially with stuff that fits in my hands” Flawless line delivery from the perv master.

    Re: Dale, Yo your mic is dying dude. It cuts off a few times during the recording and you’re like barely audible. It’s like the OG call of podcast episodes. Somebody get Dale a new mic.

    p.s. Oh lol, I just noticed you posted about the mic issues.

  2. Dale’s mic sucks. He needs to order a new one. Epic Store functionality is, indeed, trash, but I have no problem with them trying to compete on exclusivity. JET program is the answer to all of society’s ills.

  3. — I think this comment might’ve been hit by the spam filter first time round, so posting it again —

    Thanks for the show!

    I listened a while back and never got round to commenting as I was on holiday, but I remember listening to your conversation about young males and wanting to share something I studied in university about how the “bare branches” of China were the disproportionate number of men to women is causing a bunch of social problems. I had a lecturer posit that a lot of the anti-Japanese sentiment in China potentially stemmed for a concerted effort by the government to craft an outside enemy to unite these young men and minimise any potential internal domestic strife from being single, horny, and angry.

    Anyway, here is the article: https://www.scmp.com/magazines/post-magazine/long-reads/article/2142658/too-many-men-china-and-india-battle-consequences

    Looking forward to the next pod full of thoughts on the Rugby World Cup that is gripping Japan (or not?).

    Also, have you guys tried PSNow? I signed up for the free trial and it seems indeed like the Netflix of games. Sure the game selection is a bit old, but I’m fine trying some of those earlier games I would never be interested enough to buy, but upon playing, turn out to be quite fun. Case in point, Killzone Shadowfall that was at the ps4 launch. Give the free trial a whirl if you haven’t!

    1. Hey G, thanks for the comment.

      Real quick, I have not tried PSNow, but I did sign up for Xbox Games Pass on PC, and I’m using that to play Slay the Spire right now, which is really cool.

      As I type this we have a tentative plan to record tomorrow night. We’ll see, though!

      RE: too many men; I’ve seen some talk (however credible or not) that too many young men without work (or even alive due to a lack of major wars) is/was a factor in economic and social woes in both Spain and Greece in recent years. It’s the kind of thing that seems to make intuitive sense, but I think you’d need something like a major census (one you could trust, even) to validate with numbers and facts.

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