Episode 206: ReInvisAligned

We’re back for a Pre-3 check-in. I guess they’re doing E3 again this year? Esteban’s gotten braces. I’ve been watching HBO shows. No Warhammer talk this time, sadly.

Games Pass for PC
Call of Duty Modern Warfare
Die-hardman (release date for Death Stranding)
Ten Cent vs Riot (idgaf who wins)
E3 thoughts/ does anyone even care

Dale played:
English Country Tune
Crypt of the Necrodancer

Esteban played:
Gran Blue Fantasy VS

Episode 206: ReInvisAligned

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7 thoughts on “Episode 206: ReInvisAligned”

  1. Good ep.

    I also rewatched/caught up with Deadwood because of the movie. I gotta say adherence to historical stuff really hurts the last season. The character stuff isn’t really enough to provide a satisfying story. It’s not as engaging after Bullock and Swearengen’s dynamic goes from adversarial to collaborative.

    I’m curious how gamepass is gonna work, since gamepass for pc is kind of already a thing as long as the games are also Play Anywhere titles, which are only a handful because games require their own separate windows store version.

    I only just got anthem cause it was $20 bucks, the home base is so bizarre. It might as well just be a cut-scene of you walking to your javelin.

    I’ve tried Destiny, Division, and now a little Anthem. Destiny seems to get the most right, but it’s so expensive to keep up with. You’re essentially buying the game every year you want to keep up with it. Try convincing the people you play with to keep doing that. Iron Banner was the shit when it dropped end game loot, without it D2 isn’t the same. It would keep me coming back every month.

    And yeah Dale basically invented the UFC fighting game lol.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Volt! Anthem has the core of a really good game there. If they hadn’t tried to shoehorn the MMO-ish-ness of it in and made the world more engaging/detailed, I’d really be into it.

  3. Always nice to see an episode from you guys pop up in my podcast app. Congrats on the 10 or so year landmark. You guys should do a retrospective episode on your lives since you started podcasting.

    For me over the life of this pod, I learnt Japanese at university, moved to Japan on JET, worked in the games industry there, left Japan due to shitty work conditions, worked at a Japanese company in the UK, and (exactly like how Dale mentioned he left Ajinomoto) just this month left there to work at a place entirely unrelated to Japan (where my fluent Japanese is meaningless) for a job where the hours are shorter and the pay is better. I love Japan, but when it comes to anything work-related, I swear it’s almost all just a pure sack of shit.

    Anyway, on gaming, you guys seem a little burnt out on games/don’t seem to have much you are both playing. I’ve been listening to this pod for so long, I’d listen to you guys talk about pretty much anything. Now I’m no longer in Japan, it’d be fun to hear about how Esteban talk about how things are going over there. Tokyo changing much for the Olympics? How is excitement for the rugby world cup? Smoking in restaurant still suck? Does contactless payment exist there yet? How is life in the Reiwa era?? Also, what happened to the CoP Blow Ons section? All the burning questions!! Also, on the Japan-note, I guess Dale’s kids are old enough now to have some kind of personality? I wonder if/in what way they identify as Japanese? My girlfriend left Japan with me and we’re planning on having kids soon – I’m curious either here in the comments or on the next pod if you have any thoughts/experience on having half Japanese kids abroad.

    Also, if you have a spare 10 minutes and want a laugh, check out this laughably untypical video of a “typical Japanese office worker.” “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YdiWTYkY1uY&t” Spoiler alert: Part of this “typical” day involves a trip to the office’s own petting zoo, I kid you not XD

    On the gaming side, I got Hands of Fate 2 free on my Japanese PSN Plus sub this month. It’s a fun game with a card and narrative element, that’s enjoyable just in its uniqueness. Also, I dunno if you guys are Point n Click fans, but I got round to one called Unavowed, which I’d rate as the best in that genre for many many years.

  4. It is nice to see you guys still around and willing to drop in an comment.

    I do have to admit some of what I guess could accurately be termed as burnout with games. It seems like the more things change the more they stay the same. I’m typing this just as I’ve sat and watched trailers for Gears 5 and Halo Infinite.

    And, yeah I’ve found other interests, and a lot of other obligations as well–especially as my kids are getting older and we’re always out doing something with/for them. I haven’t counted the hours, but it honestly seems like I had more time for gaming back when they were babies, which doesn’t sound right on paper, but there you have it.

    You know, part of it is also I think just age catching up, also. I go to bed regularly these days at an “early” 11:30, whereas I used to be up to 1:00 or 2:00 am even on weeknights.

    I’ve been trying to knock a bunch of old games off my backlog recently, and toward that end not buying anything new, but that’s also because I’ve spent a fuckload on Warhammer books and miniatures in the first part of this year, and I kind of need to slow up on the leisure budget for other sectors of the overall budget.

    On the plus side, I can sometimes unearth a forgotten gem, or get in some more time with an old standard (say Titan Quest, for instance). The drawback is that these days I feel no real need to stay abreast of new releases or much gaming news outside whatever my twitter feed seems to bring me.

    G, having half-Japanese kids is pretty awesome. Aside from the obvious benefits of imparting them with a couple of languages and cultures from the jump, we’ve found ourselves in a whole little community in this area, originally just my wife’s friends she met after we moved here, then kept meeting more and more and as we started having kids so did they, and now the kids are going to the same Japanese language pre-K and Saturday “Heritage” Schools, and there’s always someone’s barbecue or birthday party or both to go to on the weekends.

    I wish you well on the whole endeavor of having and raising kids. It’s a hell of a thing. Be sure to keep us updated on that as the situation develops.

  5. I am a bit burned out, to be honest. I love games, but one of my major roadblocks to doing CoP every week is that something like 90% of my life is already spent working with or playing games. For the remaining free time I have in a given week, I don’t really want to talk about them, much less listen to Dale talk about games he’s playing. I am very fortunate that a hobby I love is also my profession (though as everyone knows, working on and playing games are very different) and I like what I do, but there can be too much of a good thing. So I to store up my talking points/excitement level for a few weeks or months to muster up the energy. I guess it’s showing, lol.

    The two main reasons I do the show now are: to talk to Dale. He’s my bud ,I’m super glad to know him, and he’s funny and smart, so even though I don’t want to hear his play list, I will put up with it to get to chat with him every once in a while. I also do the show to engage with you guys that still listen and comment or reach out via Twitter, etc. That you guys want to listen to our BS once a month or more still surprises me. You guys make it all worthwhile!

    Blow-ons are pretty sparse these days. I’ve been massively busy with work and my anxiety level for the last few years has been so high I don’t really want to go out and be around people unless I have to. That means I don’t meet many women (very few women work in Japanese games industry) and the ones I do via Tinder, etc, are often spectacular train wrecks. I suppose you’d like to hear about those, too? Didn’t I share about the weird Burlesque girl with SAD?

    I could definitely share more about what’s going on in Japan if people want to hear it! The Olympics are gonna be a clusterfuck imo.

    Lastly, G, I did see that video and lol’d my way to the bathroom where I cried. Japanese work culture sucks. I’m never going back, knock on wood.

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