Episode 204: With Great Thirst and Furious Expectations

We’re back this Groundhog’s Day to ring in the new year, now that we’re safely past its January overture. There is plenty of big, and strange, news to discuss since the last show. From Bungie leaving Activision to the mis-fire of Valve’s Artifact, to the Coen Brothers-esque farce of Gearbox’s Randy Pitchford forgetting an incriminating USB drive at a Medieval Times, it’s enough to assure us we have not seen any of this play out quite the same way before.

I’m comparing and contrasting three games separated at birth; Destiny, Warframe, and Anthem, and Esteban has blacked out on the new Call of Duty’s battle royale mode. Join us!

Episode 204: With Great Thirst and Furious Expectations

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6 thoughts on “Episode 204: With Great Thirst and Furious Expectations”

  1. Getting thirsted or going for the thirst means getting finished or finishing an opponent when knocked. So it’s a squad thing. So if you got thirsted the opponent went for the finish so your squad didn’t have a chance to revive you. I think it started in PUBG with people hot dropping in the same area, and starting to recognize people’s names, so you leave the knocked guy alone and hope they extend your squad the same courtesy. I don’t hot drop so whatever, I expect to get thirsted.

    Didn’t know Esteban got so into Blackout. I liked it but none of my PUBG buddies like it so I don’t play it much. Dead game!

    You might love Apex though. Interestingly they might have solved the thirsting thing, you can revive even thirsted squadmates. I’ve only tried a couple of games but it feels like it married the Blops 4 multi with Blackout. Personally, I hate it, but I also hate the Blops 4 multi and it really reminds me a lot of it. Too much going on and too twitchy and bunny hoppy and everything I hate about CoD multi for me.

  2. Wait, so it DOESN’T refer to getting killed while trying to kill a downed guy? Hot dropping is when there are other people not in your squad dropping to same area (hot LZ?)??? I feel so old.

    Honestly, I didn’t think I’d get into Blackout as much as I did, but it’s probably a combination of factors: I haven’t played CoD multi in years, the Black Market battle pass gives me incentive to play every day, and I’ve never really played a BR for more than 10 minutes so this is my first real one. I don’t think they have plans for it though. Seems like they aren’t updating it at all other than the balance changes (fuck concussion grenades).

    I’ve been playing a bit of Apex and I really like the team focus and the ping system is a amazing, but I’m like you, it feels really twitchy and more like standard multi match.
    Also, the weapons don’t feel as tight as CoD to me, they have small clips/lack of ammo to loot, and the arena is smaaaal. I like larger arenas even if there is a lot of empty space. Probably my love for Battlefield 2-size maps.

    If Blackout dies I’m more likely to switch to PUBG than Apex, I feel. I like the more realistic BR’s. Fuck Fortnite. I have a really bad feeling about Battlefield V’s version…. that game has been a mess.

  3. No I haven’t heard it being used to describe getting killed while finishing off a kill. It’s more like you’re thirsty for the kill so you finish a knocked guy to make sure you get it. Cause if they get revived, no kill for you. Hot dropping means dropping in an area with lots of other people. It’s for the hardcores that want to frag out. There’s usually a few designated areas per map that are “hot”. It’s popular with streamers and also the thirsting terminology probably started with streamers too, since they would recognize each other and not thirst.

    I’m with you on Apex, it just feels like another multi mode. It doesn’t do the things that grab me about BR.

    Yeah that’s strange about Blackout, for all the flak Bluehole got for how they handled PUBG, you’d think an experienced studio would do more with BR. I do like their pass, I’m currently doing PUBG’s pass and it is a grind, would much prefer a Blackout style pass.

    When Blackout kicks the bucket I welcome you with open arms into the PUBG fold. Also it’s funny, at one point PUBG had a similar ping system to apex, but the hardcores thought it made the game too noob friendly and the devs scaled it back. Now you can only ping a general direction on your compass.

  4. Oh and PUBG excels at the big BR maps, so you might really like it. They’ve dropped in popularity because of the smaller, faster maps introduced, but they’re still part of the rotation in squads.

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